Detailing Software-DORME

Detailing Software DORME

Currently for detailing service we are using DORME which has been developed by Our Research & Development team. It is a developed state of art detailing software & successfully tried to cover almost all the advantages and to overcome the disadvantages from the existing software’s in the market. It is designed by RC Detailers for RC Detailers to give the high technology result to our clients.

About DORME Software

‘Dorme’ means ‘sound sleep’. Any professional gets a sound sleep when he/she feels his /her day went perfectly right! As far as rebar detailing is concerned accuracy is most important as any small error can lead to a massive problem at site in terms of money & time. So there is a great importance for a detailing software which leads a detailer to detail any structure simply & accurately .

Dorme is a simple but highly efficient rebar detailing software which is developed by CTech RC Design (I) Pvt. Ltd., a company in detailing field for more than a dacade and with a strength of 100+ detailers, to meet the detailing requirements and speed up the detailing process with accuracy. The software is used in many projects over the world and over the years.

Dorme is developed by a team of software developers, structural engineers and detailing engineers with extensive experience in this field and so the actual required help by a software in increasing efficiency and maintaining accuracy is focused and practically
applied while developing the software rather than going for advanced tools which are being hardly used. Depending on type of the project, detailing requirement and presentation needs the tools can be customized as 100s of tools have been developed for live projects even for minute issues over the years but depending on actual requirement of a project only a handful of tools is required for any project and keeping only necessary tools makes the software simple and easy to handle.


  • Very simple and highly compatible with AutoCAD.
  • Also compatible with SteelPac software products.
  • Automated, accurate Bar bending Schedule.
  • Easy to handle varying bars.
  • Automatic rebar mat detailing tools.
  • Easy editing and revision handling features.
  • Auditing the drawing for errors .
  • Support BS,IS and American standards


One of the encouraging comment that we received among 100’s

I happened to watch a beautiful fantacy film ‘dorme’ which sweeps the audience away on a magical journey into world of dreams. Ironically I got a detailing software after years in this field in same name Dorme which makes my life easier even though I had come.
– From a Senior Detailer from UK.

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